Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Heart Music

**Another Update***

One request, friends. These songs are my property, and I own the copyright. Please play them and enjoy them, but don't download them, please!


It should be easier to play my songs now. You should see a player underneath each song--all you have to do is press play!

***Original Post***

I do, I really do. I heart music. I heart art. And this week, three great blogs are hosting We Heart Art. It's like an online arts showcase. How cool is that? Check out Domestically Challenged, Three Baby B Chicks and I'm Living Proof That God Has A Sense of Humor for some We Heart Art, and Mr. Linky will take you to other bloggers who are participating.

Some of you know I've been working on some songwriting lately. I did a little composing in college for a class, but nothing was "successful", at least, according to my prof. It wasn't something I felt I was very good at. But, I felt God prodding me to try again and just as I was wondering how to go about sharing it, We Heart Art came along. So, I'm taking the plunge. I've recorded three of my songs (the only ones that are really finished) and (crossing my fingers that I've set it up right) you should be able to hear them here.

So, friends--my songs. Keep in mind it's the song itself, and not necessarily my performance of it that I'm showcasing as "art". I'd love to hear what you think, even (helpful, please!) tips you might have! And get your art on, and join in the fun!

April 29th is the first song I tried writing, although Thank You was the first song I actually finished. April 29th is a reference to a devotional in My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers. The Scripture for that day is 1 John 3:2, which is where the chorus comes from. This devotional has always meant a lot to me, especially during times in my life where God's way seemed unclear.
02 April 29th.mp3
Common Bonds is a song for a little girl in Africa. I met Hannah in 2006 on a trip to Kenya with my church. Hannah's smile captured me immediately. She helped translate for me to her friends, and we played the craziest games. The time I spent with her and her classmates is indelibly imprinted on my heart.
03 Common Bonds (Hannah's Song).mp3
Thank You is a song I wrote for Stellan. Many of you probably follow MckMama's blog, so you already know Stellan's story. On the off chance that some of you aren't familiar with this little guy, Stellan's heart problems, both before and after birth, set off a firestorm of prayer from all over the world. I wanted to write something for Stellan, something that would try and convey what his little life has meant to me.

13 Thank You (Stellan's Song).mp3


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What beautiful songs! I just finished Common Bonds and now am listening to Stellan's. What an amazing gift you have!

Juls said...

Wow, such talent thank you for sharing. I have a Hannah, so it was fun to hear that song. Although, of course, it was written for another Hannah

Helene said...

Girl, you are seriously talented!! I loved the songs, esp the Thank You song for Stellan. Your voice is so sweet and tender...I love it!!!

Thank you for participating in the carnival!!!

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

You really have a very sweet voice. :) I enjoyed hearing it.

Megryansmom said...

Beautiful! When I sing it sounds like alley cats in heat. Music is definitely an art thanks for sharing this!

Rhonda said...

Girl, don't listen to that professor! Those songs are beautiful, along with you and your voice.

I hope you find a way to get your songs out there more. One of my friends has her own music page on myspace. More people need to hear them. HUGS!