Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday Returns

Well, it's been awhile friends, but MckMama is home with her MckMuffin and Not Me! Monday is back! Check out her blog for links to hundreds of bloggers participating, as well as her own Not Me! Monday post.

Well, here goes nothing...

This week I did not avoid laundry because of a large (and I mean LARGE) spider in the cellar where the washer and dryer is. I was not totally skeeved out even after Hubba Hubba washed the pile of clothes that the spider was last seen under. I certainly do not still have two baskets of clothes waiting to be put away.

This week I did not go to Target and come out with twice as much as I'd originally intended on buying. (Oh wait...Hubba Hubba reads this. Scratch that, he'll know it was me.) In my defense, had I done that, it would have all been necessary. Really.

Yesterday, I did not have M&Ms and baked barbecue potato chips for "brunch" when I got home from church.

This week I did not start breaking in new shoes for next weekend.

This week I did not blog about a missing cream egg. (Oh, wait...some of you read my blog regularly, so you know that was me.) I did not then skillfully interrogate my prime suspect until he finally cracked and confessed. I did not then proceed to take his mugshots. In case you're curious.

So there you have it, friends. At least, as much as I can remember. Now that we're back in the NM!M swing of things, perhaps I'll do a better job this week of keeping track of...the things I didn't do.


Scott and Jaclyn said...

haha love the mugshots!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Heehee! The mugshots made my day! Cute stuff!
Spend twice as much at Target? That NEVER happens to me. Actually, it is usually worse when hubs goes along!

Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Tell your hubby I guess he redeemed himself for eating the creme egg since he was a good enough sport to play along and let you take the mug shots!

Mighty M said...

Great mugshots. I always spend twice as much at Target - and I go there too often, so it really adds up!