Monday, April 21, 2008

7:15 am

Monday morning. It's grey and chilly, but the squirrels don't seem to mind. They're up, chasing each other, eating bird seed...being squirrels. Wiggle Man doesn't mind; he's fascinated with his book right now. The cat doesn't mind; she's just glad I got up to feed her. I don't really mind, I guess. Tomorrow is my sleep-in day. Ah, how I love Tuesdays!

So, here I am, early in the morning, pondering the deep mysteries of life. Why do men get belly button lint, and not women? (Generally speaking, of course. I'm sure there are exceptions on either side of the great gender divide.) Why does Wiggle Man prefer paper towel rolls to all his fancy toys? What am I going to eat for breakfast when there is no bread for toast, or milk to put on cereal? Am I going to have to actually MAKE something?

I guess I'll have to figure that out later. Wiggle Man is trying to get my attention!

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