Saturday, April 19, 2008


Spring is here, and I love how a few blossoming trees can lift my mood! (I'd say they lift my spirit, but I think that's a little too grandiose. There are definitely things that lift my spirit, but flowery trees ain't it! Chocolate is closer.)

Wiggle Man and I go outside to visit all the birds--our chickens, who fascinated him; and our ducks, who generally run away from him. He's also very interested in grass, less excited about 'prickle balls' (I don't know what they actually are) when he sits or steps on them. I think we're going to get a sand box, for further outdoor adventures.

With spring comes softball season. Our church team had it's first game this week--a thorough beating. All in good fun, of course. It probably would have been better had I not walked everybody in the first inning, but things got much better once I figured out how to actually pitch slow-pitch. Hopefully at practice today I'll get a little more accurate.

I suppose after all this rambling about beautiful weather, I should get off the computer and actually enjoy it. Here goes!

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