Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer...ish

Today's the perfect summer day for me, in that it actually feels like fall. I love cooler days with a breeze--still warm enough for shorts, but I can go for a run without feeling like I'm melting in the heat.

The relaxing weather fits life right now. We finished the musical on Sunday. I'm sad to see it over, because it was so much fun, and I already miss all my new friends. (Angels, if you're reading this--Applebee's soon, right?) However, it's SOOOO nice to just have a quiet evening to ourselves, to finally get caught up on housework (I attacked the kitchen yesterday, and today the bathroom gets it!) and just have that overall sense of peace that was lacking in all the show frenzy. Even Wiggle Man is more relaxed...well, as relaxed as he gets. Right now he's licking his baby touch n' feel book. I guess he needs a break from wrestling his stuffed Eeyore.

I actually get to cook dinners this week, instead of eating Wawa goodies in the car on the way to rehearsal. We're going to eat real food, at a real table. At least, that's the plan.

I also have big plans to actually find the spare battery to my camera, or at least find the charger so I can charge the dead one. Maybe then I'll get some pictures back up here.

So, I'm off to enjoy real life again for a bit. And if I can pry his face off of his book, spend some time with my kid!

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Jim Cook, Jr. said...

my goodness, i TOO love eating real food/meals now that the show is over. all i ate during the show was wawa meatball subs, for...like...6 days straight. haha, hope all is well in the post-show bit of summer!