Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Forgot to Title This...That's How Crazy It Is Here!

Sorry I haven't posted in a week--it's been absolutely insane here. Good insane. Fun insane. But insane nonetheless. It's been a week of family gatherings, which are always fun and always food-filled.

We're also in our last week of rehearsals for Children of Eden, which means late nights. Thankfully Wiggle Man has been sleeping well this week, or I might look like The Angel of Wrath rather than The Angel of Forgiveness, which is my part in the production. I learned last night it's very hard to look powerfully angelic for 3.5 hours.

I also had the somewhat discouraging experience of bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday. Don't misunderstand me--I love being a bridesmaid. I love the dresses we're considering, which not always a given, as many of you know. I'm not complaining about the cost--they're pretty reasonable for the dresses we're getting. Even the colour is beautiful.

The problem? Bridesmaids dress makers have an elaborate plot to make me feel fat. The size dress I will have to buy is TEN sizes bigger than my actual dress size. Now, I knew this going in. I've done this four times before, for heaven's sake. Only once have I ever had a bridesmaid dress that was my actual dress size. Every other one has been 8-10 sizes bigger than my actual size. Does anyone know why this is necessary?

At any rate, we consoled ourselves in true female fashion by going out to lunch. And not ordering the salad.

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Rhonda said...

I have no idea why they do that. You'd think they'd want everyone to feel skinny! But I don't even feel skinny after shoe shopping cuz I have a big foot. LOL