Saturday, June 7, 2008

Heat Wave

It sounds like we're in for a scorching few days here. We're going to be in the mid 90s, which is just gross. I'm just thankful for air conditioning. It's a fabulous blessing!

The Babe is still napping, which is a good thing since he hasn't slept well for the last couple of days. Now that his room finally has air conditioning, maybe he can get caught up.

What with the heat wave, barbeques with family, and softball, we were only missing one thing for it to officially be summer--a pool. Before you get too jealous, it's only a kiddie pool. But it's enough to keep The Babe cool on a hot day. I blew it up and filled it for him yesterday, but he was only happy in it when Mommy got in, too. There's an image for you. I forbade My Beloved to take any pictures that had me in them! (Not that it mattered, I would have cropped me out, anyway!)

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