Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Housework, Man Style

Well, lots of work is being done on the ol' homestead these days. In addition to all the "girly" jobs (laundry, dishes, floors, laundry, diapers, laundry...) we are having a new roof put on, and a new deck.

This means there's man stuff everywhere. Drills, hammers, crow bars...and a giant red dumpster in my back yard. Nice. Now, don't get me wrong. I know this stuff needs to be done, and that "this stuff" requires all THAT stuff. (The dumpster, etc.) It's accessories, for men.

I am looking forward to a clutter free...everything...and also some peace and quiet. There's banging and clanging and always someone running around my yard.

In other news, my cat has shown up. I have no idea where she's been all day, but I'm guessing she was not impressed by the neighbour's dog who found his way to our house.

More at 11. Or not. :)

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