Saturday, July 19, 2008

For Rhonda (Grab a Shoe--Preferrably Someone Else's)

This is for Rhonda, who just scolded me for not having posted in a while. I didn't actually think anyone was paying that much attention, so now I feel special. :) Thanks, Rhonda! I will blame "Habitat" for my lack of posts, since I've either been on the Habitat trip, or recovering from it. It was hot, muggy, and I'm pretty sure I gained some weight thanks to those southern ladies and their yummies, but I loved every minute of it!

I've been mulling around post ideas in the back of my mind. I noticed many of my fellow bloggers have regular features--days with pictures, etc. You'd think I'd try something normal like that, but no. I've always been a little warped, so I want to do a recurring feature on insects. Specifically, the weird ones. And so, here it is--the inaugural "Grab a Shoe--Preferrably Someone Else's" post on weird, gross, oversized bugs. I should add the title is in honour of my college roommate. Once upon a time, there was a hugely large disgusting spider in our dorm room. For reasons I cannot explain, but largely related to the intense fear I felt at that moment, I decided my best course of action was to grab my roommate's shoe, and use that to kill the hugely large disgusting spider. She has never forgiven me.

I have a few bugs up for the honour of this inaugural post, including some sentimental favourites, but since I already have the link ready for this one, I give you...*drum roll*...The Sphingidae! I can hear your collective gasp of wonder as I type this. The sphingidae, or 'sphinx moth' as my sister-in-law explained it, is a moth that is often mistaken for a hummingbird. I thought it was a funky species of bee. The little critter was flying around our car Thursday afternoon, and The Hubby and I couldn't agree on what it was.

Thanks to D?T at Flickr for the picture. Stay tuned for more weird, gross, oversized bugs. If you have any pictures of your own nominees for the "Grab a Shoe--Preferrably Someone Else's" posts, by all means, submit them!


Rhonda said...

You're welcome. Glad to have the Canadian blogger back! ((HUGS))
Those moths look gross. I guess we don't have those here. We have lots of hummingbirds though.

Beaver said...

I definitely have a bug to put into this. And I think you'll know what kind of bug I'm talking about too. Yes, the Harvard scary eww bug that is still yet to be officially recognized in the real bug world. I think it's a sort of centepede...but grosser. Having first hand experience with this bug releases some of the need to go into detail.
It's's scarry..and it's ewwwww!

Jenn said...

I agree. Scary eww bugs should be on. Are there pictures anywhere? said...

Hey, I'm always here too!! Don't forget me!!


Here's the link for the ways I'm buggin' out!!

Milliemum said...

Love the bugs, Jenn! they are pretty cool, especially as I know they don't live in Aus, lol!