Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me!

Ever have one of those days where you look back and think, "No way did I just do ____!"? Well, here's your chance to erase all that! It's the Not Me! Monday Carnival over at MckMama's! I've decided to join in the fun--you should, too! Check out My Charming Kids to see how.

So here it is, folks--my first Not Me! Monday post extraordinaire:

This past week...

*I did not have a turkey burger and fries for lunch. And then dinner.

*I did not go to Target twice. I also do not secretly hope to go again tonight.

*I did not indulge in Ferrero Rocher at the grocery store because it had been "one of those days." I did not also try and explain that to the cashier, and the kind woman behind me in line.

*I did not post pictures online simply because I liked how I looked in them.

*I did not get cranky because I got up with Wiggle Man Sunday morning. I did not spend the rest of the day cranky for that reason. My crankiness was not compounded when Hubba Hubba managed to spray chicken wing sauce all over my new white shirt from the aforementioned Target spree. I did not take the time to point out to Hubba Hubba that he managed to stay stain free.

*I did not let Wiggle Man stay up later last night, simply so I could finish watching my t.v. show.

*I have certainly not been thinking about how soon I can justifiably have a cookie this morning.

There you have it, friends. Things I have not been doing. Perhaps it's time to log off, and start not being productive for another day. Cookie, anyone?

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