Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Things I Miss...

I just got back from a wonderful trip home to visit with dear friends. Our kids got to play together, I got some great girl time in, and all in all, had a fabulous time. Being home always reminds me of things I miss...some of these are repeats, but here's a list:

1. Friends and Family--girls, there's no one else I'd rather watch chick flicks with! Besides, how often do I get to do trumpet repairs in a liquor store parking lot?

2. The myriad of chocolate bars I can't seem to get here...Coffee Crisp, oh Coffee Crisp. Not to mention "real" Smarties. C'mon, Nestle, what's the deal?

3. Swiss Chalet. My lunch on Sunday filled a void deep within me for rotisserie chicken dipped in Chalet sauce. Oh, my gravy.

4. Corn Pops. Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but really. What is the deal with different Corn Pops?

5. Ok, so obviously I miss food...I'll combine the rest into Number 5: Tim Horton's (technically now available in the US, but nowhere near me...sad...) Harvey's and Loblaw's. Perhaps it's silly to miss a grocery chain, but I do. I really do.

6. The big sky. I'm not sure why, but I'm convinced the sky is bigger and higher up in Canada.

7. Sports shows that feature hockey even in summer.

8. Other people who know the tune to The Log Driver's Waltz.

9. Signs and packaging in two languages.

10. Not needing to explain "The Briefcase", or any other silly story from high school, but explaining anyway for the benefit of our poor husbands, and the chance to laugh about it all over again.

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