Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, it has been quite a day. Thursday is my day to substitute teach. I spend my day teaching K-8 music, then it's off to teach private lessons before I come home and collapse. Don't get me wrong--I love doing all those things. All those things on one day, however...well, it makes my feet hurt. I even wore 'sensible shoes' today.

For some reason, Wiggle Man feels that Wednesday night/Thursday morning is the time to moan and groan. He must wake up 3 or 4 times during the night. Every week. I have no idea why this is...does he KNOW I have to get up and face hordes of children all day? Perhaps this is my punishment for daring to leave him.


If that's the case, he's about to be even more ticked off. I just took another part-time job. I'm the new (interim) contemporary worship leader at a local church. This isn't too much time away from home--most of the prep and practising will be done at home, with one night a week rehearsing with the rest of the worship team. We'll see how Wiggle Man likes them apples.


Congratulations to Amanda, Johnny and Rhonda--you're the winners in my very first blog giveaway. If I don't have your addresses yet, make sure you get them to me. Jealous?'ll just have to enter yourselves the next time I do one. And it was so much fun checking for entries that I might have to do another one soon.


The Wiggle Man is on his way to Walking Man. This week he took his first steps, and of course, I was in the other room. His Aunt witnessed the very first steps. He still refuses to perform for the camera though, so this is an undocumented milestone. It's amazing to me that a child that is such a ham in real life freezes whenever a camera is on him.


It's cold, and rainy. This is a perfect night to curl up with a cup of tea, some Nutella on toast, and put in a girly movie. I think I shall.

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Rhonda said...

Oh how I love contemporary worship songs! My favorite is called Shout to the North (just in case you wanted to know).

YAY!!! I FINALLY WON SOMETHING!!! I'll send you my address by facebook message.