Saturday, April 4, 2009


One of the pitfalls of living far from home, in another country, is that no one is ever cheering for your team. Not pro sports, not even the Olympics. I'm always cheering for a different team. (It's why I adopted the Phillies as my NL team--for once, I want to cheer for the same team as my husband.)

I never, ever, ever get to watch the Leafs play. Never. Even on t.v. So, Hubba Hubba thought it would be nice to go watch them play Philly the other night.

Now, let me start by saying the Leafs suck this year. The Leafs have sucked for a few years now. Most of my life, actually, with the exception of a few good years. (Not great, mind you, but good.)

Anyway, so I know they're not the greatest team this year. I wasn't expecting them to blow the Flyers out of the water. But, they were just coming off a win against the Flyers, so I wore my jersey with pride to the game.

By the end of the first, Philly was up 5-0. Or was it 6? I lost track.

Every single Flyers goal, the guy in front of me would turn around, do a little dance, and try to high five me. Every. Single. Time.

My boys actually pulled off a decent comeback--the final score was 8-5. If you're not familiar with hockey, that's a ridiculous score. What that tells you is that the winner was the team whose goalie sucked the least.

It figures.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

You are so cute. How long have you been in the U.S now? And, back story, where is the link telling us how you got here?

Mighty M said...

Ha! Well, hope you had fun and there was a decent fight (or two). Of course, I love to watch hockey, but I always cover my eyes when anyone fights. :-)