Friday, April 24, 2009

Where's Froggy?

Did you ever read those Where's Waldo books as a kid? That's what this picture reminded Hubba Hubba of:

I found this guy on our balcony this morning. As soon as Wiggle Man is fully awake, he wants to go out on the balcony. I've probably said it before, but the kid would live outside, if we'd let him.

Here's a shot of the little guy up close. (The frog, that is. Not Wiggle Man.)

Cute, right? I thought so. Hubba Hubba just grumbled that Froggy was one of those stinkers making all that racket last night.
I absolutely love our resort here. The people in charge of the kids programs are fabulous, and Wiggle Man has taken right to them. There's so much for kids to do here, and plenty of relaxing things for me to do.
Yesterday there was a Sesame Street parade. Wiggle Man seems to think that Elmo (or any of the characters, really) are his own personal friends. I've heard some kids are afraid of the characters in costume. We can't keep our kid away from them long enough for the other kids to get hugs.
Did you see the movie Elf? You know the scene where Buddy's in New York, and he finds out Santa's coming to Gimbels, and he says "Santa's coming? I KNOW him!" I swear that's exactly what Wiggle Man is thinking about Elmo whenever he sees him. "I KNOW him!"
After the parade it was time for dinner on the beach.
I love Jamaica....


Mighty M said...

Cute frog. Hope wiggle man got to see him.

Seeryus Mama said...

I'm so glad you are having a great time! Pea and Wiggle Man would get along so well. Pea loves that Elmo. She sees him and says "He's Miiiiiine." LOL.

Great photos!