Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things I Thought Before I Was A Mother

***UPDATED*** (Warning: visual proof of massive snot at end.)

I can admit it: before I became a mother, there were things I just didn't understand.

For example? Small children's terror of Kleenex. Being a grown-up, I couldn't understand how snot dripping down your face and running into your mouth could possibly not be the worst thing ever. It seems, however, that the worst thing ever is having that snot wiped off your face.

Before I became a mother I could never understand why the mothers of these children didn't just use softer tissues, or not wipe so hard. Or something.

Now that I have one of those children, I've learned it doesn't matter how soft the tissue, how gentle the touch, how carefully I make sure that I don't cover his mouth at the same time I'm covering his nose (you know...breathing, and all) he still runs in terror as soon as I whip out the Kleenex.

Stay tuned--if I get a good shot of him all snotty when he wakes up from his nap, you may get a visual.


Mighty M said...

Haha! Yes, doing the "snot-wipe" dance is a delicate one indeed. It involves strategic planning and defense maneuvers! ;-)

Amanda said...

Gotta love the snot wipe dance!!! We've got rivers of snott just like WM's around our house as well! They've been flowing for a week or so now! :(