Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, it's finally here. Graduation weekend. The big she-bang. The weekend kicked off with my sister-in-law's graduation from college. Unfortunately for her, the big ceremony got rained out, and she missed Pomp and Circumstance. Thanks to cheesey cards with music (courtesy of moi) she can now hear it whenever she wants. I wonder if Elgar regrets composing that one. Hmm.

Yesterday, the festivities continued with Hubba Hubba's graduation from seminary. I must say, he looked rather dashing in his cap, gown and hood. He looked even more dashing receiving a prize for top papers in Church History!

After some hugging, and crying (on my part, not his) and lots of picture taking, we had lunch with some friends and family. Then off to the BIG FAMILY PARTY. That gets all caps because in my beloved's family, a party is always a big thing. Think "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" minus the wedding ceremony, change the Greek family to an Italian one, and you've got the picture. There was, naturally, entirely too much delicious food, but lots of fun and laughter. My parents even drove all the way down to join in on the fun.

Gradjimitation Weekend continues for one more day--the all-important "leftover day" where we happily consume what's left of the sandwiches, meatballs, sausage, pulled pork, and goodies that we couldn't pawn off on departing family members. All this after a big asparagus and egg breakfast at the firehall. My jeans may not fit me by the end of the food-filled festivites, but it's all for a good cause: celebration.

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Sounds like it was a good time!! Congrats to the Grads!