Friday, January 23, 2009

My Son Gave Me A Black Eye

I'm not kidding. Or being metaphorical. We're not talking a full-on shiner or anything, but there's some nice bruising, especially on the inside of my eye, by my nose.

Picture it. America. 2009. (You have to imagine that line in a Sophia Petrillo voice for it to be funny.)

So there we were, having one of our daily (if not more often) kissy fights. Wiggle Man, being a rough and tumble boy, likes to combine "rasslin" with his "luvin". So he'll jump on you, then give you a slobbery kiss or two. Or twenty. It depends on how affectionate he's feeling.

He's also discovered head-butting.

Sometimes, instead of a kiss, that's what you get. And that's what I got last night, just before dinner. Smack dab in the middle of my face. I had a slightly swollen lip at dinner,which hurt like the dickens at first, let me tell you. It hurt so much I paid little attention to the headache I had. Until my sister-in-law commented that my eyes were pretty bloodshot.

The bruising appeared by the time I went to bed. Nice.

Cover-up really is a girl's best friend.

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