Monday, January 5, 2009

A Not Me! Monday Manifesto

Happy Monday, everyone! Mckmama is back with her Not Me! Mondays, and I've decided to NM!M it up a little differently, this week. (I hope that's ok, MckMama!) Last night I came to an important realisation. Except, I've realised this before, so I guess it's a re-realisation. Or something like that. I'm calling it my Mommy Manifesto, and while it's the usual NM!M sarcastic "I do not" style, I'm making it a resolution this year to actually live this way. So maybe next year my Mommy Manifesto could be my way of life, instead of a NM!M post.

One more small detail: for those of you who know me well, or read this blog at all, you may wonder where references to my faith are. I've left them out on purpose, so that Mommies of different beliefs can relate, but know that my knowledge of God's love for me is what drives all of this.

Jenn's Mommy Manifesto:

*I do not let my jean size determine my value. That is a number with no relevance. Instead, I will focus on the number of slimy kisses Wiggle Man gives me in a day (much higher than my jean size, anyway), or the number of times Hubba Hubba squeezes my hand and tells me I'm the best wife. Ever.

*I do not let fancy jars of exfoliating cream sit in my shower for a year while I save them for a special occasion. I will use the fancy cream until it's gone, and then maybe even buy a new jar.

*I do not let myself get into the vicious cycle of not taking care of myself, feeling unattractive, and so therefore feeling I'm not worth taking care of. I will do something to make myself feel pretty, even if I'm wearing sweats at home all day with Wiggle Man.

*I do not beat myself up when I don't fit the mold of a perfect wife or a perfect mother. I will extend this grace to others, as well as myself.

*I do not have ridiculously high expectations for my fitness regime. My body does not whip itself into shape in a matter of months. I will be consistent, and believe Tony Horton when he says to do my best, and "forget the rest."

*I do not focus on the negative when it comes to myself. I will remind myself that I have great legs when I'm tempted to focus on my pudgy tummy.

There you have it, my Mommy Manifesto. Like me, it's a work in progress, so if you have any thoughts on what to add, just let me know!

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