Saturday, January 31, 2009


It's just been that kind of week. I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday. I can't believe I just misspelled Wednesday the first time I typed it.

I'm so full. I ate way too much at dinner.

In case you hadn't noticed yet, this will be a stream-of-consciousness post. Or, as a former English teacher used to call it, "verbal diarrhea."

Speaking of high school, for some reason I was reminded tonight of French class. And The Countdown. We had a countdown to the end of class. Class ended at 1:27 pm, and The Countdown began at 1:00 pm. I don't know why I remember any of this. Also, when things got really dreary, we had a countdown to The Countdown.

I loved French class, which makes you wonder about The Countdown. Peer pressure, guys.

I spent most of the morning grading papers. It was...interesting.

I'm going to go sit in a warmer room, and relax now.

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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Yes, having graded papers all morning can leave you in that type of thought pattern, can't it? I like verbal splat sometimes!