Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Not Me! Monday is, for me, the start of every week. Generally it's the first thing I do after the baby's fed on Monday mornings. And every morning I sit here and ask myself if it's really Monday again. Everyone always told me that time would fly once I was a parent--I guess it's true!

If you're itching for more NM!M craziness, head on over to Mckmama for her NM!M (the first and best) as well as links to other bloggers participating. And while you're there, stick around and read her other posts--she's one of my favourites!

This week:

*I did not polish off the tub of cream cheese I bought at the farmer's market in a mere two days. I did not justify it to myself by focusing on the facts that it was a small tub, and fat free.

*I did not also finish off the baggie of chocolate covered pretzel balls. With Hubba Hubba's help.

*I did not drive Hubba Hubba to work in my jammies.

*I did not go out and buy a new baby monitor this week even though there was nothing technically wrong with the old one, besides that it drove me nuts.

*I did not secretly rejoice in the fact that I had an hour to myself yesterday to drink hot chocolate and read the paper.

*I did not go to bed at 8 o'clock last night. I was not still tired when I had to get up this morning.

Well, that's my weekly confessional. Head on over to Mckmama to read others' posts, and learn how to join in yourself!

1 comment:

LucieP said...

I bet you had a great start after your hour to yourself, huh?!

That is something I struggle with on a daily basis--having enough sleep but having enough me time in the morning before the kiddos wake up!

Hope you have a great week!