Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

First, a little background.

Wiggle Man is thusly named for a reason: he never sits still. Unless the child is in his carseat or asleep, he is never still. If you don't have a toddler of your own like Wiggle Man, you might be tempted to think I'm exaggerating.

I've timed him.

I've seen him sit still for 10 seconds.

Now, I of course, am what Hubba Hubba calls a love vacuum. You ever hear of that book, The Five Love Languages? It describes different ways of giving and receiving love, and how to figure out which ones you and your spouse are more receptive to, so you can express love in a way that best fits your mate.

Our pastor did a sermon series on that once. I'm all five.

Anyway, what this boils down to is that I love to snuggle (Hubba Hubba, Wiggle Man, the cat...I'm not over picky. Although I refuse to let Hubba Hubba hire a Snuggle Stand-In, like he's suggested several times.) So I love to snuggle, and Wiggle Man loves to wiggle. I always try to cuddle him, and he tries to escape.

Until last night.

The poor boy had an awful day yesterday. He got 3 shots at the doctor, had to get routine bloodwork done, and was teething on top of it all. By the time Jeopardy came on (his favourite show) he was miserable. He was on my lap by Wheel of Fortune. And there he stayed, until bedtime.

I got my snuggle on.


Rhonda said...

I hope you got enough snuggles for me! Kaden is the same way. The only time I get to snuggle is while he's having his bed-time bottle (yep, still drinking the darn thing). But hey, that's the only snuggle time I get, so I don't really care what his doc has to say about it. HA!

Seeryus Mama said...

Awwww....It's great that you got your snuggles...not so great that your little fella didn't feel well.

On another note...Pea loves Jeopardy too! She claps at appropriate times and dances when the music is on! LOL