Sunday, December 14, 2008

You Like?

I got a little festive around here, I hope that's ok! I was inspired by our Christmas tree, which we finally got put up this weekend. Normally I put it up as soon after American Thanksgiving as Hubba Hubba will let me, but we got a little behind this year. I just finished the decorations a few minutes ago, so Wiggle Man will have a surprise when he wakes up!

I created my blog header using, which if you haven't tried out yet, you really should! I scrapblog for all kinds of things these days. I scrapblogged me some Christmas cards, I make headers, I've even made a presentation for our trip to Kenya.

They'll even print and ship your creations for you. This is what hooked me. I love the idea of scrapbooking, but I'm not into organising all those scraps of paper. This way, I do it all online, and order it when I'm done!

And, should you run into any problems, their customer service people are the best. I'm not kidding. I left a message one night at 5 pm when I realised something had gone wrong (it turned out to be a bug in the program) and Rebecca, one of their reps, was on the phone to me within a half an hour.

So if you're looking for something creative and fun to do with all those pictures on your computer, check out Scrapblog. If you order something by tomorrow, you can even have it by Christmas!

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