Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday

It's the most wonderful time...of the week. That's because it's Not Me! Monday time! To participate, or to read the blogs of other NM!Mers, check out MckMama, the first and best NM!Mer.

This week:

*I did not get angry when I realised the super high electric bill was likely my fault, for using space heaters in our very drafty old farmhouse. I did not then ask Hubba Hubba what the point of having space heaters was if I couldn't use them. I of course realised right away I simply needed to be more diligent about remembering to turn them off when they weren't needed. I would never snap at Hubba Hubba like that over something that simply was not his fault. Especially not after he booked me for a massage, knowing the past few weeks have been super stressful and busy. I'm certainly a better wife than that.

*I did not seriously consider cutting the cooked part of my roasted chicken off and letting the rest cook last night when I discovered that, despite the correct temperature read on my thermometer, it was, in fact, not done on the bottom. The fact that I had my in-laws over, and was already serving dinner later than I had promised had no bearing on the impulse to carve off half the chicken. (Fear not, I really did put the whole thing back in the oven and make everyone wait for dinner.)

*I did not wake up with a giant, curly ball of mess on top of my head. I wake up polished and ready to go every day. I did not stuff that ball of mess into a ponytail until I can get it straightened.

*When Hubba Hubba asked what I'd like to do with some unexpected moolah that came our way, I did not tell him I'd like to take part of it and blow it at Target, just for fun. I'm much more frugal than that.

*I did not let Wiggle Man eat two bananas the other day, just because it was the only thing he wanted to eat. I did not give him the second one just to quiet him down because Hubba Hubba and I were tired of his screaming. I am a very consistent mother.

*I did not put Wiggle Man in his very first time out yesterday, only to have him giggle and enjoy it the whole time. Perhaps it will be effective when it's no longer a novelty. I hope.

There you have it, folks. A listing of some of the things I certainly didn't do this week. How about you?

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Milliemum said...

Oh, Jenn, your Not me Mondays crack me up every time!! In our case, the super-high electicity bill was because of the air-con, but otherwise, I'm with you all the way. (Except that in Charlie's case, it's hummous sandwiches rather than bananas!)