Friday, December 19, 2008

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes...

Well, our little family was out and about this evening, doing Christmas-y things. Wiggle Man sat on Santa's lap, though we couldn't coax a smile out of him this year. Then it was off to my favourite place--Target.

You can overhear the funniest things in a ladies' bathroom.

Girl: Mom, what's that box say?

Mom: Where, honey?

Girl: Right there. One side says 'tampon', and there's a funny symbol on the other side.

Mom: says 'exact coin only.'

Girl: No, I can read that. What's the symbol with the circle thingy?

Mom: I don't know.

Girl: Mo-om....

Mom: I don't KNOW.


The school I sub for had their Christmas concert yesterday. I was playing the piano for the chorus, and we rehearsed during the day. Afterwards, one little boy came up and this was the gist of our conversation. (Names have, of course, been changed to protect my reputation as a stellar pianist.)

Billy: Um, Mrs. Maroo, remember how I was saying it sounds like the piano at the church is lower than this one?

Me: Nope. We never had that conversation, Billy.

Billy: Oh. Well, I was saying that I thought it was lower, or maybe the other teacher plays it higher or something.

Me: Ok...

Billy: But, no offense or anything, but now I think it's you.

Me: It's me?

Billy: Yeah, I think you're just playing it lower.

Me: Well, Billy, I'm playing the music the chorus teacher gave me. If she plays it differently, she hasn't told me so.

Billy: When you play it, it kinda sounds like a horror movie that's starting to get good.

I didn't know how to respond to that. So I didn't.

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Seeryus Mama said...

Thanks for the laugh!! Both are great. I just love to hear what kids say!