Monday, December 8, 2008

A Frosty Not Me! Monday

I'm telling you, the weeks just keep flying by. I woke up this morning, and was thinking of what to post about, when I realised it was Monday, and time for another NM!M. If my weekly confessionals aren't enough for you, go to MckMama's Blog for a whole lotta Not Me! Monday fun.

This week:

*I did not begin freaking out because the bridesmaid's dress I have to wear in NINETEEN days hadn't arrived yet. (Ok, so last week it was twenty-something days, but it's more dramatic to give you today's countdown.) I did not have to resort to being a total girl to get the postman to check to see if he had the package somewhere. He did. Apparently the note they left saying they had tried to deliver it got lost. In the mail. After a 5-minute, rather circular discussion, the conversation did not go something like this: (imagine it in a tone of voice bordering on hysteria) "Ok, listen. In that package is a bridesmaid's dress that I have to wear in LESS THAN A MONTH, and I still need to get it altered, and pressed, and...." "Ok, ma'am. This sounds important. Just let me go check."

*I did not laugh hysterically at my friend who was asked in Sunday School yesterday what a virgin was.

*I did not cheat on my diet the second day in because someone brought us lunch at the church yesterday.

*I did not have to decide which of a slew of outfits I was going to wear for the one song I played on in last night's recital. I, being a professional, was not distracted by the fact that Wiggle Man, who sat angelically with his Aunt and Grammy throughout the first half of the program, started crying as soon as he saw me onstage. I did not secretly enjoy it when my sister-in-law told me that he wouldn't take a bottle from her when she got him home, and that every time my picture came up on the digital frame, he would cry for me. I of course LOVED all the kisses Wiggle Man gave me when I did get home. (That part's true.)

*I am not cutting this short just to go shopping with my mother-in-law!

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