Monday, December 29, 2008


Wow. That's all I have to say about my weekend.

Ok, maybe I have a little more to say.

We left late Thursday night to head up north for a dear friend's wedding. We thought we'd drive through the night so Wiggle Man could sleep. Not so much. He started vomited about 3 miles into the trip. And continued for the entire 8 hours, sleeping occasionally, only to wake up and vomit again.

I stopped changing his jammies after the third pair. Is that wrong? I only had 5 pair with me.

Since he stopped once we got to the hotel, we figured all was well. Friday he ate well during the day, and seemed ok, for the most part. Until the rehearsal dinner when he vomited all over the kitchen.

Hubba Hubba took him back to the hotel, so I could continue my bridesmaid duties. While I ran around doing last minute things, having last minute talks over Muddy Buddies (YUM!) Wiggle Man apparently continued to vomit, even while he was sleeping. Hubba Hubba broke down and called me just after midnight, suggesting we should take Wiggle Man to the ER.

You know, because my kid has never really been sick, it only makes sense that his first trip to the hospital should occur hours away from home.

Well, they ended up admitting him and putting him on IV fluids for the rest of the night, and all day Saturday. I had to leave him to go to the wedding (which I was ok doing since by that point they told us he was fine, just needed to re-hydrate) and was able to enjoy most of my day, with only occasional moments of break down on my part. The wedding was perfect, my friend was gorgeous, and Wiggle Man was released shortly after I got back to the hospital Saturday night.

I got some funny looks on the way into the hospital. Apparently most people don't go to the hospital in formal wear.


stiner0305 said...

iam happy to hear that wiggle man is feeling better!!

Milliemum said...

Poor little man...I hope you have all recovered!

Seeryus Mama said...

Oh! Poor little guy!! I'm glad he's getting better!

I have something for you on my blog!

Rhonda said...

Oh my! Sorry I'm so late in reading about this. I'm glad he's ok, and glad your hubby was with you to help!

Happy New Year!