Friday, February 13, 2009

Be The Envy Of All Your Friends

Yesterday we took a family field trip. Hubba Hubba, The Wiggle Man and I all piled into the car and drove off to our local aquarium. We'd taken Wiggle Man there last year when he was much smaller. He seemed to really like it even at that age, so we thought he'd love it now.

We were right.

He had a blast looking at all the animals, quacking at the ducks in one of the exhibits, and splashing water. Only in the places it was allowed, of course. There were tanks where you could touch different aquatic animals, which I thought was cool. Wiggle Man thought the water was cool--the starfish, stingrays, sharks, etc...not so much. One swam up to his hand, and scared the poor kid, I think. Hubba Hubba and I were amused, however.

Here's what surprised me the most. In a building filled with strollers, ours attracted quite a lot of attention.

I've cropped Wiggle Man out of the least, his head. You can see his belly and feet if you really want to look. Of course, this is a picture from last year, so his belly and feet are much bigger.

I have, however, left in the really pertinent part of the stroller--the steering wheel. Two different children came running up to the stroller to play with the steering wheel. Each time they saw it, which happened to be twice our stroller got attacked a total of four times. (See how good at math I am?)

So, if you'd like your little guy or gal to be the envy of at least 2 children at the aquarium, I highly recommend our stroller. Plus, it's got a place to plug in your mp3 player, so maybe you could be the envy of a few moms, too.

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