Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday--The LOVE Edition

Happy Monday, friends! You should all head on over to MckMama's to check out the Not Me! Monday happiness she has going on over there. She's the queen of NM!M, and Mr. Linky can direct to you hundreds of other bloggers who participate.
This week:

*I did not write this early this week in another of my sad attempts to be the first on Mr. Linky's list. I do not happen to know that the best I've done is somewhere in the 60s. I do not hope every week to be #1.

*I did not make a mental list of all the yummy treats I'll be making this week because one of my dearest friends is coming to visit. This list does not include a massive amount of chocolatey things.

*I did not seriously consider taking a picture of the gorgeous flowers my "big" Valentine got me, because they're so beautiful I want to brag about them. I did not also want a picture of the chocolates my "little" valentine got me.

*I did not have to stifle laughter as I sat in the other room listening to Hubba Hubba: "Wiggle Man, take this present to Mommy. Here, Wiggle Man. Wiggle Man--take this to Mommy! NO, WIGGLE MAN! TAKE THESE TO MOMMY! WIGGLE! MOMMY!" Apparently, Wiggle Man thought that the gift bag containing my lovely chocolates was for him. How much he has to learn.

*I did not have dinner Saturday night at 10 pm, because that was the only reservation we could get at our favourite restaurant.

*Here's the pictures I did not take:


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Okay, I am glad you took a pic, those are beautiful! I never thought to take pic of mine! Your poor little man, thinking the chocolates were for him, men, men, men... So, even though dinner was late, was it good?

So, occasionally being a sub, what grades do you sub in? I was a sub for 2 years before going full time.

Mighty M said...

I was asleep at 10 on Saturday - and there you were having dinner! Beautiful, gorgeous flowers!

Seeryus Mama said...


Rhonda said...

The flowers are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!