Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who Do They Design These For?

So, last night Hubba Hubba and I went to the movies. I know, ladies--isn't he wonderful? He knew I needed a night out, so he arranged for someone to watch the Wiggle Man, and off we went. Slumdog Millionaire, by the way, is a great movie.

Here's my question--who is in charge of designing the bathroom stalls in movie theaters? Or restaurants, or malls, or any public place for that matter. Why is it so hard to get into these things, shut the door, and remove a coat? Am I the only one here? Is there some coat-removing etiquette I'm unaware of? And once you finally do manage to get done, you have to do the whole thing in reverse! Why do the doors on three quarters of these things open to the inside????? There's precious little space in there to begin with.

This drives me nuts. EVERY TIME.

On the plus side, this bathroom had one of those fabulous hand dryers that actually dries hands. You know the ones? The air comes out at such a high speed that the flesh on your hand spreads out under the stream of air. I LOVE these things. I want one at home. Just to play with.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Isn't even better when you need to find a spot to put your handbag? Trying to wrestle around in there! I hate when I have to bring my 2 year old in with me, it is impossible to move!

Rhonda said...

I am also in love with the SUPER DUPER hand dryers. When I find one, I just stare at my wrinkled hands in amazement. There aren't many of them in my area.