Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Favourite Lovey

This is our poor cat, Chloe. I know it's hard to believe there's a cat under all that fluff, but there is. What is she doing? She's hiding. From Wiggle Man. She's not doing a great job.

The reason she has to hide from him is that she is his new favourite toy. Whenever he sees her, he'll say "Maaaaaaw." Which, obviously, is Wiggle Speak for "meow." Which means "cat." You follow?

Well, Wiggle Man loves his maaaaaaw. He loves to pet her soft fur. Of course, by "pet" I mean "grab." He also enjoys stroking her tail. And by "stroking" I mean "pulling", sometimes in an attempt to lift her rear end off the floor. I've even seen him "cuddling" her. Naturally, "cuddling" means trying to pick her up, usually by her middle. This results in her mid-section being lifted, while her feet stay on the floor.

These chubby hands are the culprits. Upon looking at this picture, my mother was worried that Chloe had scratched her precious little grandson. Believe it or not, she does not scratch him. Ever. Or nip at him, or swat him. I don't know why--certainly she has no qualms about letting grown-ups know when they've gone too far. But she seems to understand that she needs to be gentle with him. Even if he's not gentle with her.

Oh, and no cats were harmed during the making of this post. If, for whatever reason, Chloe hasn't run away before Wiggle Man gets too rough, I make him stop. Fear not!

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Seeryus Mama said...

Pea has one of those!! Except it's in a doggie form. Our little Lucy (mini schnauzer)is Pea's favorite toy. Pea calls her "Ce" She wants Ce to take a bath with her, sit on the couch with her, she even wants to ride poor Ce like a pony. I think the only reason Lucy puts up with it is because Pea sneaks her food.

Now that Miss Thang is no longer walking...she RUNS everywhere, she crashes into Lucy and gives her a bear hug. Did you know dogs can roll their eyes?