Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Today, Dishes Tomorrow


I wanted to clarify something. Since Hubba Hubba himself misunderstood my post (and he knows me best) I figured many of you might have, as well. I did not mean to imply that Hubba Hubba didn't get anything done while I was away--chasing after Wiggle Man is hard work, people! I was merely highlighting the trade-off I made: tubing yesterday, dishes today.

Incidentally, I came downstairs to find Hubba Hubba unloading the dishwasher in preparation to load the dishes in the sink. He's taken, ladies!


I consider myself very lucky to have the husband I do. I want to say that off the bat. He's great. He stayed home with Wiggle Man yesterday so I could go snow tubing with my brother-in-law and sisters-in law. (I have to qualify that it's snow tubing so that my southern readers don't picture us floating down a river. Which is also fun. This just involved snow and boots.)

But nothing comes free.

That last bowl was sullied to make Muddy Buddies. If you haven't made 'em, you need to. I'd share, but we don't have any left. We ate them all on the drive up to the mountains. I might need to make more.


Mighty M said...

I think the clean up would be worth it in exchange for eating muddy buddies!

Rhonda said...

Never tried snow tubing, but I'm one of the southern readers who's definitely floated down the river in a tube. So that's just a southern thing? Hmmmmmm.