Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring is Coming!

Since I moved south of the True North Strong and Free (TNSAF), I've been struggling with geese. They throw me off every year. That may seem like a weird thing to be confused about, but seriously. It gets me every year.

Why, you ask? Because, growing up in the TNSAF, the Canada Geese leave and go south for the winter. Here? While it's not quite the deep south, some of them hang out here for the winter. And even the ones that don't stay seem to come flying through waaaaayyyy too late.

And then, the same thing happens towards spring. The ones that decided Florida would be a better winter hang-out come flying back through on their way home to the TNSAF, but it's waaaayyyyy earlier than what I'm used to. Because they're just passing through. Our house is like the rest stop on the way, as opposed to actually being the destination.

Regardless, welcome geese. Enjoy the pit stop!

1 comment:

Mighty M said...

We've got them too - passing on through, stopping by for a visit. Ours are white. :-)