Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Well, I may have missed last week, but I assure you. There are always plenty of things I may or may not have done in a given week. For a huge list of other bloggers who participate, check out MckMama's blog for the home of the Not Me! Monday carnival.

This week I did not eat 4 Pop Tarts in one day. I do not blame this on the face that I was sick, and too lazy to make real food for myself. I would certainly take better care of myself when ill, because I know that being sick means I'm more in need of healthy food, rather than junk.

I also did not live in my jammies while sick, and let Wiggle Man do the same. I did not even realise my sister-in-law had bought Wiggle Man new clothes and put them away until a day later because we'd been living in jammies.

I did not immediately blame the post office for not one, but two packages that were not delivered to me, only to find out that the packages were, indeed delivered. It wasn't that we just hadn't checked the mail. That certainly would not have been me.

Oh, and if you were at the grocery store with me on Friday, then you know it wasn't me holding the screaming child. You know, the one whose Mommy wouldn't let him ride in the special shopping carts with the cars on the front. Also, it would not have been me reciting I Love You Through and Through to get him to calm down. (Hey, whatever works.) Oh, and if you actually believe that this was not me and my child, please don't read this post.

I am most definitely not typing this whilst gazing at some gunge in the door frame to my bedroom that could use cleaning. I do not frequently use made-up words like "gunge", in either my speech or my writing. I'm much too professional. Seriously.

I do not research various physical and mental ailments online to see if either I or any of my loved ones might suffer from said ailments. And, even if I did, it really wouldn't be on a semi-regular basis. Like, two or three times a week, or anything like that.

If you go to my church, then you know it wasn't me who plunked one very loud, very random note on my keyboard at the end of the prayer time. You probably also noticed that it was definitely not me who left the white board o' rehearsal notes on stages until 30 seconds before the service began.

It was not me who ate the last cream egg, either.

How 'bout you? Anything you didn't do this week? Check out MckMama if you want to play along, or feel free to leave me a comment outlining your perfection this week!


Mighty M said...

Those pop tarts can be pretty dangerous. But when you're sick it's okay. A daily outfit of jammies counts too. Hope you are feeling better!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Okay--what flavor pop tarts? I love the chocolate chip cookie dough ones!
Also, did you get the cheerios cleaned up? On Saturday, i was typing a comment when I heard Asher pounding in the room next door. Guess who had found Daddy's hammer?
Grocery Store screaming? Never happens here!

Lynette said...

I ate too many mini cream eggs this week. It was my birthday and my kids kid 3 a day for a week and then gave me 6 on my birthday and 3 full sized ones as well. I did NOT eat them all this week and wonder why the scale is being so mean!

Scott and Jaclyn said...

Gotta love the "car" carts. :P Everyone needs a PJ day now and then!