Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughts From The Shower...And A Silly Plea

I take what Hubba Hubba likes to call "Hollywood Showers." By that, of course, he means any shower lasting longer than his 5-Minute Scrub-A-Dub Express. Although, condensation does have a tendency to accumulate on the walls of our bathroom, regardless of the fan, whenever I hop in the shower, so perhaps he has a point.

At any rate, I'm a fan of my showers. Hot water--good. Shampoo smells--good. And while all this is going on, my mind has a tendency to wander. So, today I thought I'd share some of those thoughts with you.

Daily shower cleaner actually works when you use it daily. If you're like me, you normally only remember to spray it when you want the bathroom to smell nice (Method's ylang ylang is especially lovely). But lately, out of sheer curiosity, I've been spraying it after each shower. And you know what? My shower's cleaner. Who'd have thunk it?

Is it really going to give me better results if I squeeze the tube of toothpaste from the bottom? (Yes, I brush my teeth in the shower. Anything to prolong the hot water fest.) I mean, sure--you don't end up with the battle half-way through the tube where you're trying to squeeze the paste trapped in the bottom of the tube up to the top...but come on. "For best results"? Surely my teeth are just as clean as the most conscientious bottom-of-the-tube squeezer.

I almost typed "bottom-squeezer" but thought better of it. It sounded naughty.

Also, how long will it take before Hubba Hubba gets fed up with the massive collection of shampoo bottles I have in there? The current count is three. Three different brands, along with their respective conditioners. (Actually, I have two Dove conditioners, because I mistakenly bought two conditioners, instead of a shampoo and a conditioner, so I had to go back and buy the shampoo later.)

You can think through a lot of stuff in a Hollywood shower. Unfortunately for your intellectual enrichment, I can't really remember anything else.

So here's my silly plea: follow me on twitter. Please? I just signed up yesterday, mainly to be able to get updates on Stellan (click on my Praying For Stellan button to go to MckMama's blog and learn more). But every time I sign in, that box telling me I have no followers just mocks me. So, if you twitter, please follow me! I'll try and make it worth your while.

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Johnny Brooks said...

O.K. I am now following you on Twitter. In fact it looks like I was the first one. Cool.