Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spread The Love

This post is not for the squeamish.

Wiggle Man's a sharer. Never let it be said that my son does not share. Whether it's his Cheerios he's sharing with a pretty girl at church, or his crayons. He shares. (Ok, sometimes not his crayons. It really depends on his mood.)

What he is willing to share, no qualms, is germs.

Yes, my boy has been a regular germ factory this week. Snot everywhere. There's nothing like chasing a toddler around with a tissue, threatening to "get those boogers!"

Somehow between all those boogers, and slimy kisses and hugs, some of Wiggle Man's germs wiggled their way on over to Hubba Hubba, then myself.

Thankfully, Hubba Hubba's mother and sister decided today was a good day to take the Wiggler out for lunch. Hubba Hubba and I crashed into bed.

I won't even tell you what I've been feeding myself.

Or maybe I will. On Monday. But it will be in the form of something I didn't do. If you catch my drift.

1 comment:

Mighty M said...

I'm sure whatever it wasn't, it was not delicious! ;-) I think most kids eagerly share germs (and nothing else!).