Friday, March 27, 2009

What I Did With My Gorgeous Spring Day

Aren't you dying to know? You know you are. So here goes:

First, Wiggle Man and I sat around in our jammies. We do this a lot in the mornings. After breakfast, there's a pretty serious lounging around time. Sometimes I pretend to be productive--this morning I chose to fold laundry and sort through hand-me-downs.

We watched Imagination Movers. Scott's my favourite--I think it's the Wobble Goggles.

Grammy came for a visit and brought Wiggle Man a shirt with Curious George on it. (We also watched us some George during our lounging around, might I add.) Shirts with George are Wiggle Man's favourites.

We went to the farmer's market, where we had an uber-healthy lunch of stuffed pretzels... yum-o-licious! I also bought good stuff, like fresh produce and glass-bottled milk straight from a local dairy where all the cows are grain-fed, and get weekly pedicures or whatever it takes to keep cows happy and healthy and their milk extra tasty.

Wiggle Man slept on the way home. You can't keep a Wiggle awake when you're the only other person in the car. It's hard to drive while reaching back to shake him awake.

We watered our chickens and fed our ducks. We watched our ducks, um..."wrestle." Three of them. Ew.

We made a mess, and cleaned it up. Wiggle Man coloured on my piano. (SOOO glad that crayon wipes right off those keys.)

I put Wiggle Man to bed, and got ready for the piano tuner to come. Wiggle Man is still awake and babbling in his crib. 2 hours later. At least he's not crying. Normally by now I would have accepted the fact that the 20 minute nap he took in the car was all I was going to get today, and would have brought him back down. But I don't dare let him down here with the piano tuner and all his tools. I can only imagine what chaos would ensue. And chaos like that I'd rather leave to my imagination, thank you very much.

There. That's my day, so far. What have you been up to?


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

The farmers market sounds fantastic! Um the ducks? Yuck. Interesting, but yuck.
we have not had any gorgeous spring days here, in fact? It has been lightly snowing all week. Make me puke!

Mighty M said...

That sounds like a fun day! We haven't done much yet but are going to a neighbors to play soon!