Thursday, March 5, 2009

Please Pray

In 2006 I was blessed to be able to travel to Kenya as part of a short-term mission team from my church. One of my main responsibilities was to organize and run a VBS-style program for the children of The Compass School. This school has been close to my heart ever since, and I've kept in contact with some of the faculty. You may remember I mentioned a Kenyan visitor back in November--that was David, the headmaster of Compass School. He was in the U.S. raising funds and awareness for the work they do with the children of Kikuyu.

Last night I received an email letting me know that two of the boys from the school drowned while swimming in a nearby swamp. Their names were James and Enock. They were in the fourth and fifth grades.

If you're not the praying type, I understand. If you are, however, please pray for the families of James and Enock, as well as the faculty, staff, and children of the Compass School and the community as a whole.

My heart hurts today.

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Scott and Jaclyn said...

I will definitely add their families to my prayers. How sad...