Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stepping Out

Lately I've been doing something that scares the bejeebuz out of me.

I'm a pretty open person, I think. Or rather, thought. I'll tell anyone pretty much anything they want to know about me. Some people might tell you I share a little too much about myself.

But there's something that I'm finding hard to share, even with Hubba Hubba.


I've been writing songs. Or trying to, anyway. We're not talking major productions here--just some simple verse-chorus numbers featuring me and my piano. I've got 2 that are just about done, and another couple of ideas that are sketched out.

It's hard for me to play these songs for Hubba Hubba. I can't imagine trying to play them for anyone else.

Ah, vulnerability.

1 comment:

Mighty M said...

That is great - maybe someday you'll share one of them with us?