Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Wanna Be Like Chloe

Between being a full-time Mommy, a part-time worship leader, and a once-a-week substitute music teacher--not to mention loving wife to Hubba Hubba--life is very full these days. It's also about to get fuller, but I'll leave that announcement for another couple of weeks. (No, it's not a baby, and no spoiling if you already know, ok?)

But right now, it's a peaceful fall afternoon. I was about to type 'quiet', until I heard Wiggle Man playing with the musical aquarium on his crib. I guess he's not quite asleep yet. It's cloudy and cool--my favourite kind of day. Our cat, Chloe, is next to me by our back door. She's lulled herself to sleep watching the last leaves fall from the walnut trees out back.

As I watched her, I realised how much I want to be like her. I mean, yes, I'm jealous of the all-day naps, and everything, but I want to bring a little of that calm into my every day life. I think that's something the Lord has been trying to teach me for a while now, and I think I might just be getting better at it.

I'm learning not to stress over things I can't change. I'm learning to embrace, and actually look forward to change. Who would try to stop the leaves from falling off the trees? Even if you dread raking them, you know there's nothing you can do to keep them up there.

I believe God has wonderful things for my family in the coming years. I also think there will be painful times, too. But, since I can't glue the leaves back on the tree, I think I'll just watch them float softly to the ground.

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