Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Two words:

Go Phils!

Ok, you didn't really think I'd restrict myself to only two words, did you? I hope not.

This is what happens when you put Billy back where he belongs.

And then there's Pat Gillick. Seriously, friends. Every time one of "my" teams has won the Series, Gillick has been at the helm. (The Jays, who are first and foremost in my heart, and the Phils, my NL team. We like Pat.)

The screaming on t.v. now has my attention, you'll forgive me if I go back to celebrating!

1 comment:

Mc Allen said...

whoo hooo is right, I just love it when we can celebrate our team's victory!! I rode the 80's and 90's with the Cowboys( I knowww, ya eather love or hate em, I came by it naturally, by granpaw has loved them my whole life...) So yay for you!! Leah