Friday, October 24, 2008

I've Decided.

That's it. Guesses or no guesses, the big secret announcement will be a secret no longer as of Monday. At the end of my Not Me! Monday post you'll be able to find out the secret I've been waiting to share. If you'd like to guess what my secret is, you can do so up until the Not Me! Monday post. Just leave a comment with your guess, and if I get a guess that comes close enough, there will be a prize involved!

Yesterday was a bizarre day. I did not check my email/blog/facebook/message boards. At all. In fact, this morning was the first time I was online since Wednesday afternoon. It felt...weird. We had some computer issues on Wednesday that kept me off for most of the day. Yesterday was Crazy Thursday.

On Crazy Thursdays I spend the day substitute teaching at a private school, where I have the whole school for music class at some point throughout the day. Then I headed off to teach another hour and a half of private lessons. I came home with a ginormous headache, and since Wiggle Man was napping, I "rested" for about an hour before Hubba Hubba and I headed off to a meeting. After the meeting we started watching the Phillies, and then it just got too sad. Seriously, boys--stop stranding those guys in scoring position! It was too depressing/frustrating, (Hubba Hubba was shouting baaaaddd things at the t.v....ahem...not me, though...) so we went to bed.

In other news, I became that mother this week. You know the one--you always feel bad for her in the ladies room because she's got that handful of a child to keep an eye on while she's trying to take care of business.

It started like any other trip to the grocery store. Wiggle Man, helpful as always, "helped" Mommy put the apples in the plastic bag. Same with the pears, and the avocado. He was even an angel throughout the rest of the store.

And then I had to pee.

Naively enough, I thought my biggest problem would be keeping him from crawling around on the nasty bathroom floor. Even though he's officially a walker now, Wiggle Man still thinks crawling's a fun way to explore.

So I sat down to do my thing, and told Wiggle Man to stay off the floor. Which he did.

What I neglected to tell him is that it's considered bad form to tilt your head down in an attempt to peek at the poor woman next to us. This he tried a couple of times, until I finally pulled him onto my lap.

What am I going to do when he actually succeeds before I grab him? I suppose the same as every other mother--apologize profusely, and laugh about it later.

To follow up on a story from earlier this week: Wiggle Man is still a fan of the spatula. In fact, last night, the kind lady hosting our meeting gave him a spatula to cart around, to keep him entertained. I had neglected to bring kitchen utensils in case Wiggle Man needed them, you see. Which he did. Why bang on things with your hands, when a spatula is handy?

This, however, was the least of my worries. More pressing was his naked jaunt across her gorgeous rugs. I had managed to get the poopy diaper off without an ordeal, but his escape caught me off guard.

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I know, I!! But I'm not going to spill!! :)